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After the Bath September 12, 2007

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WEll now Monday and Tuesday have been very bad days for me. After my bath I washed myself the Cat way… and dried off for several hours just relaxing in the spare room. It is a kind of kitty HAven with a litter box food water and a kitty cats own personal double bed. plenty big enough for sprawling out. Annie came home around 8PM that night after a long day shopping and let me out of the room and fed me my favorite wet food.

Then she let me go out side. I am not sure what happened after that, I started having severe tummy pains and I lost my balance and couldn't walk very good so I went into the back room until Annie found me. She brought me inside and put me to bed… worrying cause there isn't an all night vet for small animals here.


In the morning Annie called the vet and told them about me and they said to bring me right in so she came home and I went to teh vets. The Dr looked me over and checked my temperature and looked in my mouth for any sores. then he said he couldn't find anything wrong with me. Then Annie said but she is very very Ill. If she was well she would make bloody strips of all of you. (because I would… I am very ferocious when I wnat to be). Then the Dr looked at me again and said Lets keep her for observation. I was too sick to even stand up at that point.

They took tests and blood and stuck me with lots of needles the Dr said I was dehydrated and then they could see I was very very sick. But didn't know what it was.

Annie came at 4:30 to pick me up but the Dr said I was still too sick to go home. Annie came back to see me and pet me and let me know she loved me. It made me feel a little better.

Today more mediceine more shots and then I started to feel better Annie picked me up at 4:30 PM and brought me home Thank goodness caus I was finally feeling better and I was starving. They didn't give me my favorite foods like Annie does.

The Dr says I have to stay in for a couple of days but then I am good to go.


What was wrong he doesn't know but I got antibiotics and pain medicine and lots of water put in me


Annie says I pee'd a river when I came home.  She says she is glad I didn't die from the horrid goo on my coat.

I am glad too. Good night.



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1. Morgat - September 11, 2007

oh my, kittycat — I'm so glad you're getting better! That sounds like it was scary, for you and for Annie. Hope you feel all better really soon.

2. Lurkertype - September 11, 2007

poor Magneto!

3. lauowolf - September 11, 2007

Poor baby.I'm glad you're home again.It's not worth it, even if you do get to mystify the vet.Make your mom feed you goodies and pat you madly.

4. Cyanide - September 11, 2007

Oh no! – Annie didn't mention this when she was chatting to me today on Cutechat (tisk tisk!) How aweful! Obviously that stuff on your coat was toxic – glad you had a bath or it could have been much worse!!!

5. oaklandcat - September 12, 2007

Oh poor Magneto. I wonder what that goo was. I'm so relieved you are back home with Annie!

6. metsakins - September 12, 2007

oh my poor baby snorgle her extra for me

7. kRista - September 12, 2007

Hope Kitteh is feeling better….lots of hugs….

8. Annie - September 12, 2007

update. Magneto seems to be back to her old self and sorry i didn't mention it on cute talk but I was scared to death for her and was afraid to say anything for fear I would start crying. I felt awful cause when I looked it up on line it said to cut that kind of stuff off and then bath them.(Of course I saw it after I bathed her) The Dr said it wasn't poisen but something that upset her system. HE said cats are delicate and things kill them that might not kill a dog.
HE did know it wasn't any of the kitty things Distemper etc. (That per the blood test)
She has now consumed plenty of kibble and gooshy food lots more water and slept on my tummy for hours last night. And is still yelling at the door to go out side.

Still don't know what it was, and Maggie got to mystify the vet to the tune of $230

9. Laney - September 12, 2007

What was the thing on her coat?I'm glad she's better, you must've been so scared!

10. Annie - September 12, 2007

I am not sure. I know what it wasn't. IT wasn't paint or terpintine or antifreeze and it wasn't some kind of smelly thing. IT seemed to be odorless or very low odor and it wouldn't just wash off either. When it got wet it turned a bit slimey and I had to scrub with the shampoe and it still took 2 times to get off.
And the Dr has no clue he said it wasn't any thing he had run into before, but there are so many things out there. I have wondered if she got into something next door they have been remodeling and piutting in a pool and lots of stuff is stored out in their pasture wher MAgneto hunts. I am probably going to go this weekend when they are home and see what is out there. I do know it isn't from our place because we are rigid about chemicals due to the chickens and cats.

11. Cyanide - September 13, 2007

Hi Annie, sorry to gate crash your blog here. I've lost access to the forum and don't know if it's just me or not, so I thought 'd come in and say goodnight and have a good weekend incase I miss you at the forum. I'm back Tuesday.
Give Miss Magneto a hug for me!!

12. Annie - September 14, 2007

Sorry Fred When I lost the forum I just shut down and went to bed. I was real tired last night. I hope you have a blast at the ball. Be sure to dance as much as possible and don't forget to give the man a big sloppy wet one for the nail polish debacle. Sometimes I don't think we appreciate our men enough… corse sometimes they are a pain.

13. Cyanide - September 17, 2007

Hi Annie, The ball was great, I will put some pics up on here tomorrow hopefully. Is the forum still down for you?
See you tomorrow (hopefully on the forum but if not on vox here)

14. Annie - September 18, 2007

As you know the forum has been up and running. Don't forget teh pictures of the ball.
Talk to you tionight on line : )

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