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Oh the Indignity! September 9, 2007

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Horror of Horrors. Annie gave me a bath. she said I had to get the ikcy sticky dried on goo that was all over my fur off.  It was actually starting to irritate me as all my top hair was stuck together and it would pull whenever I moved.


SO unbeknownst to me she filled the tub and got towels while I was having a little nosh of kibble.

I finished and she picked me up. I was purring as I thought I was getting snorggled.

then next thing I knew SPLASH Warm bath water.

I gave her several pieces of my mind, but it didn't stop her and then she added insult to injury by adding shampoe.

I will excuse her as she couldn't seem to get the sticky stuff off. with just water.


I will say this I feel better but Humpf!! I can think of several bad words I would like to say right now! Worgle snarf poo pooo being one of them.





Just after the dreaded bath









Someone will pay for this!

I think you know who you are!





And a lovely Close up of my amazing toungue below.


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1. Cyanide - September 9, 2007

Do you know what the goo was? Did you have any skin left after giving her the bath? So funny! Has she forgiven you yet?

2. lauowolf - September 9, 2007

You don't really expect to be forgiven for this, do you?Goo, no goo, it's all still your fault.Revenge is being poltted, but luckily she will have to get completely clean and dry first.

3. Annie - September 9, 2007

Don't know what it was but it was hard and crusty and I noticed it last night when I fed her but thought it would just brush off today so when she cam in in the morning at was acting all irritated I decided it had to be something bad and didn't want her licking it off so into the tub,
I realized when I got her in that I don't think she has had a bath ever or if she has it was aloooong time ago.
She was totally carrying on and As I am an experienced cat bather I did not get scratched this time. SHe made a lot of yourgleing sounds like a baby I have never heard her carry on like that.

4. Laney - September 10, 2007

OMG how could she? I hope you shredded her to bits.

5. metsakins - September 12, 2007

Worgle snarf poo pooo I agree, completely!

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