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Cisco and Elle May Birth Day (caution some goo and blood) September 5, 2007

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I know … I said it would be all about the kitties but I decided to introduce you all to a couple of the lambs we have had here. These two are very special to me as I happened to be home and awake for their births, and Sweetie Pie (their Mom) wanted me there for their birth… So I stayed with her the whole time. Her usual MO is to have them while we are at work or sleeping…

By the way there is some placenta on the lambs and some of it still comming out of Sweetie Pie so if you are squeemish you may want to not click to enlarge the pictures

 I have not edited or tried to center them or any of that.. Mostly just tried to get their pictures baby lambs move a lot..

This is right after the second one Elle May was born. She is the one in front and mama Sweetie Pie is checking her out by smelling her and licking off the placenta. You can see Cisco behind Elle May he is smelling his Mama. I try to not pick them up or touch them until they have all gotten aquanted. The times I have is when one of them is in danger of not making it. and I have to supplement with bottled milk.

But once you pick them up like that Mama never will like them much. She will still allow them to nurse but she doesn't like it and they have to fight to get their milk.

This may be different for other sheep but these are barbados sheep and I have found it to be just how they are or at least how Sweetie Pie is.



Every One  trying to Nurse well really to find where the milk is at.


Again you have to let them find the milk by their self. They have to strive. if they don't strive they do not get strong like they should.












Mommy Kisses








Yummy Milk.. Mama is still trying to clean off Elle May

Cisco is the lighter colored lamb in the pictures.









Again there is a lot of smelling of each other at first and lots of Mama grunts and trills or almost growls they learn her voice and her smell and she learns their smell and their cries so that they can find each other out in the herd.


We don't have a herd but instinct always wins out here 











Presenting Cisco









 Elle May gets a little individual attention from Mom




Cisco digging in and Elle getting more cleaned up


This is the last of them in the outside stall. Sweetie pie will spend the rest of the day slowly moving them all over the pasture. they never stay in one place for very long, she moves around and they follow all day long. This may seem cruel to us as we think she should be lying in the grass resting but really if they are in the wild they must be able to run imediately. By the second day they will be able to follow her all over and they will be running and leaping with ease.

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1. Cyanide - September 5, 2007

How cute!

Great pictures Annie

2. metsakins - September 5, 2007

babehs YAY

3. Russia Moore - September 6, 2007

[das ist gut]

4. Laney - September 9, 2007

Annie, do you live on a farm?

5. Annie - September 9, 2007

not a real farm. We have an acre in California they call it a gentleman's farm. because you don't really do it for income just fun.
WE have the sheep and some ducks and some chickens. and of course the cats. THe chickens and ducks are true free rangers as they have full use of the pasture, which is1/2 of an acre, and the yard the other half of the acre.

In the past we have had goats and bunnies also but when you are both working it is hard to do all the care and attention they need. We try to get pets who don't need lots of human socialization. The sheep only want food from you ditto the chickens and ducks altho a couple of the chickens like to come get petted.

6. Laney - September 9, 2007

That sounds very cool!

7. conniving wee - March 25, 2010

cute goats that are born on a Barbados Apartment Hotel

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