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A Kitty Cats Responsibilities August 23, 2007

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I know there are some humans out there that do not realize that we kitties have certain responsibilities in life that we take very seriously. Every kitty knows these by heart… and performs them with great dignity and grace.

One. We are here on earth to remind our humans to be graceful, in the way they walk and run and sit. We are the epitome of grace and style. We are also taxed with teaching them to find their inner style. Not the stuff you put on your body but your inner catness. Of course the stuff you put on helps you get the mental image of your style but it is not the essence of your style, just one of the manifestations of it.

Two. We are also here to teach humans how to relax. Humans do not seem to know how to do this and from an early age spend way too much time hurrying and scurrying around doing things that really in the end mean absolutely nothing. Cats by nature exude the che of relaxation. This is probably one of our harder tasks as it involves things that humans consider "being in their way". Here are a few examples…. sitting on their keyboard, they spend too much time on line and not enough time petting us. Sitting on any book or craft or art project they are doing… and my favorite a sewing pattern all laid out ready to cut out. Another good ploy is to go into the garden while they are working and look up at them with your most adorable eyes and say mewp in your cutest kitten type voice. This works really good as it stops them in their tracks. Now I know humans think this is keeping them from their chores but … really that is the whole plan. To keep you from your chores so you will stop and enjoy what you have right here. This is more than just enjoying your kitty but also the birds singing the gentle breezes blowing and that kind of stuff.

Three. We are here to teach humans to play. This is why even though we get old we still like to chase strings and catnip mice and feather sticks, and why boxes and bags are a delight for us. We are a living example of what humans should be. Ready to play at the drop of a hat and still playful when they become old. The other part of play we teach is to revel in it. Not just play because it is fun but play because it is a part of your being.

Four. We are here to teach humans the proper way to hunt. Because this teaches them patience and strength, Stillness and stealth, persistence and triumph and how to enjoy the capture and the hunt. Humans rarely understand this and just think we are being bloodthirsty, but know it is part of teaching you to be the best human ever. 

Five. We are also here to teach them how to sleep. Lets face it humans have no clue how to sleep. Oh sure you know how to crawl in a bed under covers, but that is only a small part of sleeping. We teach you to lie in a sunbeam on the floor especially in the winter. We teach you to lay down in the grass and enjoy the gentle morning or afternoon breezes. We teach you to go to the garden and rest among the flowers as this invigorates you. It is also important for humans to learn how to sleep in moon beams because the best dreams come when you sleep in the moon beams. One of the most important lessons of sleep is to give yourself totally to it but to also try to keep an ear open. You never know when someone is going to open a can of tuna.

Six. We are here to teach you to explore and be curious, because curiosity didn't really kill the cat or the human it gives you the ability to know everything about your world and understand it.

Seven. Keep the yard free from vermin. I know for most humans this is an icky thing but really one of our biggest responsibilities is to make sure the house and yard are not taken over by birds and rodents and lizards and snakes. 

Eight. I left this one until last because it is our single most important job. We are here to give comfort love and aid when our humans are ill or depressed or just plain down in the dumps. We are here to snuggle them and snorgle them and rub up against them and sleep right next to them. To protect them in our Kitty cat ways that they may not understand. To follow them where ever we can and be with them as much as we can. To purr to them and bring the healing of our purr to them because kitty purrs are very powerful medicine.


So there you have it all our kitty cat responsibilities…


Ambassador of the house 


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1. Morgat - August 22, 2007

This is wonderful, Annie — I mean Darin! I loved every word. (And I laughed out loud at keeping one ear open because you never know when someone's going to open a can of tuna!!) Thank you for this. I'm favorite-ing it (the very first time I've favorited something!)

2. Annie - August 22, 2007

Ohh thank you from Darin, and me.

3. metsakins - August 23, 2007

thanx darin….said most elegantly (and keep the other kitties in line)

4. YGRS - August 23, 2007

This really IS wonderful!!Darin, not only are you one hansum gentleman kitty, but you really told us the way it is. WHY haven't I realized all of this before??? You kitties are really very patient in dealing with us humans — there's so much that we just don't get, and yet you hang in there and keep trying to reach us.Thanks for the insight.Here's a big hug for you, if you're ok with that.&:o)

5. little miao - August 31, 2007

Great post, Annie & Darin!We are here to give comfort love and aid when our humans are ill or
depressed or just plain down in the dumps. We are here to snuggle them
and snorgle them and rub up against them and sleep right next to them.So heartwarming. That's what my Kemi-bear does when I'm sad – he'll come up to me and nuzzle and snuggle and purr and let me use him like a pillow.

6. Metz - October 19, 2007

Bows to teh kitteh.
Kneels before kitteh and awaits further instruction. (whilst petting of course)

7. sportsbooks - December 13, 2011

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