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Magneto presents The Tuna dance August 17, 2007

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Well it was my second attempt at a video with my digital camera so pardon the cat in and out of the picture. I will try to get a better one this weekend. The Tuna dance every cat knows this one.

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1. oaklandcat - August 16, 2007

I love the black spot on Mageto's lip– so cute! Wait, is he a boy calico???

2. Lurkertype - August 16, 2007

A stripey tortie! how delightful.

3. Morgat - August 17, 2007

Teh tuna dance followed by teh tuna floor-sniff — "there's gotta be more here, if I just sniff long enough…" This will, no doubt, be followed by a meowed version of "Is that all there is???"

4. Russia Moore - August 17, 2007

[das ist gut]

5. Laney - August 17, 2007

Also known as the catnip dance.

6. metsakins - August 17, 2007

is that Lilac coming in going what's going on in here and why wasn't i invited?

7. metsakins - August 17, 2007

sorry Darin, I meant Darin really…

8. kRista - September 12, 2007

hahah Darin, is he Mr. White Pants after Labor day? Is all like where's mine, fool?

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