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There is no pleasing people! June 16, 2007

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Harrrmrewp! (Kitty head shakes) You try and try and try to make your human happy and what do you get? Grief I tell You! Pure Grief. 

Now last night being the good hunter that I am, I caught a mouse.(I know it was just a small mouse but it was a M O U S E ). So I carefully bring it in the house, and bring it to Annie to Share with her. Ya know, let her know I am keeping up my job of varmit control. And the first thing she says is NOOOOOOO! You can not bring dead mice in the house it isn't allowed Lilac. I give her the look! That's right the look. ( I know the rules. No bringing DEAD mice in the house) And her response….


Oh my God Lilac you can't bring live ones in here either. I am so busy trying to play with the little guy that I am not paying any attention at all. There I am happily poking at the guy and trying to get him out of the corner to really get a good grip. Maybe get a cople of mouse tosses in. I am particularly good at mouse tossing….When Annie coomes with a paper towel to pick the prey(oops I mean the cute little dickens) up. then once she gets a hold of it she goes Awww it is just a little baby!..Now Lilac you know if you bring em in and I am here and they aren't half dead I let them go she says.

Drat it all. I worked hard to get that dirty little rat(I mean mouse). So then she goes ohh he is all tiny and she goes to take a picture of it. I am enclosing it here for you to see so you know I am not making it up.



Annie says to tell you this one is just so you can see how little he is she was trying to take it fast before he ran away. He is standing Next to a penny. 







And here he is in focus. Right before the release! Grumphhhh!






So she takes him to a photo session and then she locks all of us cats in the house while she goes and puts him in the mouse witness protection program and releases him to an undisclosed location. Hoping we won't find him.

SO I think okay lesson learned don't bring MICE into the house.


Then this morning after a really hard hunt I caught a lizard. Now let me tell you these guys are fast and slippery. It was hard to catch him and I had to drag him around to the front of the house and find one of the windows with a hole in the screen that was open so I could get him into the house. Magneto apparently has made two of these and Annie got tired of fixing them only to have Mags do it again so we have these great cat doors (By the way thanks Magneto for your ingenuity and persistance). Anyway so I bring it in the house and right to the office doors so Annie can see the lizard. And I start telling her about it.

Then she starts again with the whole Lilac you can not bring dead things in my house this includes lizards. (She thinks it is dead because it is playing dead) Then she sees its breathing and she says and you can't bring in live things either.  She goes to get another paper towel to pick up the lizard. (I don't know why she thinks they might bite her but she is weird in that way.) 

This time she doesn't take a picture. She promises next time she is home and I catch one she will film it.

Any way he also got taken back to the garden to be released in another undisclosed location.

If there were any justice in this world she would have let me eat the lizard.

I checked with Magneto she says she has lost countless birds , three mice and her own lizard in this fashion.


Stupid crazy humans.

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1. Morgat - June 16, 2007

Humans are like that. No idea what is truly important in life. (Sorry, that's just how we are…)

2. little miao - June 16, 2007

Awww, I think its so sweet that your human put the cute little mousie in a witness protection program to keep him safe.You're a mighty hunter, though. Mice and lizards, oh my!

3. metsakins - June 17, 2007

Witness protection program! Undisclosed location! (Did you give him a new SS and name.)


4. Lurkertype - June 17, 2007

What a great hunter you are, Lilac! And a beautiful kitty.

5. kRista - June 19, 2007

Awww this reminded me of the big ol ginger tom I had as a girl that would drag disgusting dead disemboweled rabbits all over the porch, and he would look up at me like, I did good, huh? Jus lookit how big this one is! And he would be all hurt when my dad would start yellin NOT AGAIN!

6. Metz - June 21, 2007

I feel your pain Lilac, name's Lucky. I'm a tuxie living with Metz & her family. My darn humans don't seem to get it that I WANT to go OUTSIDE and play with the little meals, er Birdies & squirrels & such running around out there. It looks like so much fun! It's not right I tell you. The dogs go outside! Why not me?
They don't even eat or play with the critters either! They just make a bunch of noise and scare them off. I can't tell you how many times I've smacked myself in the head watching them from the window. Dogs. Ha!
I'll tell you a secret. I got outside once. Spent the whole day outside and the family didn't even know it. Didn't notice I was gone until almost Midnight. I was hiding in some bushes and watched them running around in the dark looking for me, a black tux cat! It was hysterical I tell you hysterical! But then I took pity on them and came out of my hiding place. They were so happy to see me I almost couldn't breathe. They thought I'd never want to go outside again but I keep trying. One of these days….
Well take care! Oh and my pet Metz is laughing hysterically about Something I don't know what. Guess I'll have to investigate. Humans, you gotta keep your eye on them, they do the darndest things.

7. metsakins - June 24, 2007

I have to write quickly, my mom might notice me at the computer. A few evenings ago, I was outside and I see a baby racoon. (Mom was with me.) Normally she lets me kill what I like as long as I eat it and I figure I'm gonna try some racoon. First of all she starts cooing about how cute it is, but then she sees its limping (easier to catch!) and it really isn't dark out yet. Next thing I know she picks me up and carries me inside. Me, Miss Huggums, queen of the household! Then she and dad are talking about rabies and she goes outside with a camera! Without me! I can believe it…oh wait, she's coming…gotta go….

8. Annie - June 29, 2007

Lucky, I know what you mean dogs I think are the stupidest creatures on earth. Don't have a ounce of sense in those pea brains of theirs. Chasing off perfectly good food..opps I mean wildlife.
Ha you know I hid under a bush the first time I got out too. Annie was calling me and looking all over for me but I was P,O,d that I couldn't find my Mom so I wasn't about to come out. I think she must have come in to the back yard like at least ten times. I wated until 11 PM before I made my reappearance. It was great.
I hope you get a chance to get out some time and IF you do be sure to catch a lizard they are mighty tasty.

9. Annie - June 29, 2007

Metsakins hmmm. some day you gotta get out and catch that coon. and tell me how it tastes these crazy humans have no Idea of the fun they are missing by not catching and eating mice..Yummm

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