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One Sleepy Afternoon June 7, 2007

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First of all let me just say here that the kitties have graciously allowed me to write this blog today.

I came home the other day to a very quiet house, and I thought where are the kitties. They usually come running to greet me when I get home. Mind you this is not because of any great love for me though I am sure they love me but because when I come home it is dinner time, and as we all know dinner time is what kitties really are all about. That and a good game of catch the mousie.

I headed to my bedroom to change into some jeans to work in the garden and the first thing I saw was this.



Darin, oh so comfortable snoozing on the bed. I of course thought he looked beautiful. ( I don't think I am biased in this). He is beautiful especially against those purple pillows.

So before walking further into the room I went back to the kitchen to get the camera.



As I went around the bed I saw this….




Little One was hiding behind the night stand. She opened here eyes and then promptly went back to sleep. As you can see, she does not approve of afternoon photo sessions interfering with her nap.




After taking several photos I changed clothes and was putting the dirty ones in the hamper when I came upon this lovely scene…..



So of course I had to take lilacs picture too. Now the only one missing was Magneto and I figured she was outside some where catching critters.

Well on my way to the garden I put the camera back in the kitchen and walked out to our back room. This is what is called a California room. It has no heat but is carpeted and enclosed and we use it most of the year.

Well low and behold there was the last little dickens. Honk shuuuing away. As happy as can be.




As you can see by the look on her face she is not one bit happy about getting her photo taken. Clearly, if looks could kill I would be dead in my tracks at this moment. 






Ahhh!!!! Now sweet kitties you may all go back to sleep.

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1. metsakins - June 9, 2007


2. Morgat - June 12, 2007

What a lovely story of kittie discovery!

3. Morgat - June 12, 2007

Um… that wasn't my whole comment, actually. I forgot to sign in until I'd written the comment, and I guess the sign in process ate the rest of what I'd said… Anyway, I said, I recently read a quotation in a book (from Jane Pauley, of all people) that said "You can't look at a sleeping cat and be tense"… Tis true. Thanks for sharing all your lovely sleepin' kitties (and thanks to the kitties for letting you post this!)

4. little miao - June 16, 2007

awww, sleepy sweeties! great post! catnaps are my favorite subject. 🙂

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