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Little One takes a sun bath May 31, 2007

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Hi ho all I 'm taking a sun bath here in the livingroom. These are picures of my first venture into the room with someone there.

 I must say it was warm and toasty and I got some great pets and snuggles from Annie.

As you can see I am quiet comfortable here and you can see my lovely white wiskers and eyebrows.



Ahh there is nothing in this world quite like soaking up the sun rays. It warms you up inside and makes you feel happy. Now if i try to look incredibly adorable perhaps I will get more scratches behind the ears.





And what sunbath would be complete without a little bit of sun for the tum. Common you can give me a scratch too. I won't bite you. I promise. I love a good tummy rub.  

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1. Laney - May 30, 2007

OMG Floof overload! I wanna do a raspberry on that tummy!

2. little miao - May 31, 2007

awwww, what a beauty you are! *tummy rubs*

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