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Meet the gang May 12, 2007

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I'm Little One. I get to be first because I am older.

I of course am a bea-utiful tuxedo kitty. I enjoy eatting

and napping and scritches and snorgles and an occasional

 belly scratch. Lying in the sun is fun too. I am afraid of just

about everyone.This includes friends and family because you

just never know who you can trust. As you can see I am a very

Floofy cat. I am also on a diet. and let me just say right here and now

Diets suck!!! I do not care if the vet said I needed to lose a few pounds.

I believe I am a beautiful voluptuous kitty. That is what matters. But oh no

Annie had to listen to the Vet when I went to get my travel certificate. She says I need to lose 3 or 4 pounds and she

is making me eat wet food. But I sneak dry food when she isn't looking. I think I am going on an exercise regime next

week can you tell me what that is. I hope it isn't loud and it better not involve strangers.




Oh me next, me next. I want to be next.  … Ahem…

My name is Lilac. I am a lilac siamese mixed with calico.

Mostly I look siamese but it is all kind of speckled with bits

of orange here and there and stripes on my tail. I love it here.

There are oh my gosh like a million different little critters I can catch.

Like mice and birds and ground squirrels and voles and gophers.

I like to straddle the sofa arms and I have been trying to get a look in all

the cupboards. And there are two other cats here for me to play with.

I am having a great time. My only wish is that my Mom was here with me. I

have found a room that smells like her and that is where I like to sleep. I love to be petted and snuggled with. I

especially love to tease any one who is trying to work on the computer. I get between them and the key board and

walk back and forth and make sure my tail hits them in the face.It is like the best fun ever. Oh and one more thing I

like to move around fast so no one can get a picture of me.



merow my name is Darin. I was here before the family moved in so

technically I am the oldest cat in the house. Annie says she thinks I am

about eleven. I adopted my family. I lived with the people behind them and

didn't like them. I knew as soon as Annies family moved in that I was going

to live with them. For a long time I think they didn't realize how much I

needed them, but when it was the middle of the winter and Annie saw I was

slowly starving to death she started feeding me. I wanted to come inside but

they had a cat already another boy named tuffy who had always been an

only cat so they just feed me outside eventually after a long time they let me in the house. Tuffy and I just kind

of ignored each other for the most part. I am the peacemaker and meet and greeter for any new cat in teh family. I love

to be held and scratched and I don't take no for an answer. I try to be a good diplomate for all the cats in the family.




I suppose I can stop my busy schedule to introduce myself. My name is Magneto( like the guy on the x-men). I am a 

calico and I run things around here. And I don't put up with goofy upstarts

who move into my home and try to take over. Did ya get that Lilac. I came

here when I was a tiny kitten I was found in front of the convenience store by

some kid, taken to the coffee shop where Annies two daughters and all their

friends were hanging out. After a long afternoon drinking lattes and eatting

what ever tidy scraps were brought to me, Annie showed up. WIth all those

teenage girls begging her to take me home how could she refuse. I was so

small I could sit on your hand and I was fearless. Boy was Annie surprised

when she went to the vets with me and found out I was older than she thought. I was living out of garbage cans and

hadn't grown like I should. I made up for lost time. My favorite things are lying in the sun and catching and  eating any

thing I can. I am particularly fond of Ground squirrels. I catch them and kill them and rip there heads off. The little 

creeps. They are quite tasty too. And hard to catch. Mice are a great delicacy, especially their toes.

Now the hardest thing to catch is the wiley gopher, You need patients and speed. I am excellent at it. Now enough of

this I need to get back to catching little critters.




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1. YGRS - May 14, 2007

Hi Kittiez!I know this is YOUR blog, but please give this message to Annie from me, ok?Hi Annie!This is nice! I enjoyed reading about your kittycatters — they are ALL gorgeous.It looks like you have a varied mixture of personalities too. Cats are wonderful, aren't they?It's really nice that you took your mom's kittiez in for her. I know how hard all of this has been for your mom. At least she knows her kittiez are in a wonderful home getting LOTS of lof and proper care.I'm glad that everybody appears to be adjusting ok, too. Your kittiez are beautiful!Have a good week! &:o)

2. little miao - May 31, 2007

The Miao Bros are pleased to meet your sweet kitties. 🙂

3. Lurkertype - June 17, 2007

What beautiful kitties, all of them! I have never seen a kitty like Lilac, with Siamese and tortie bits. And of course the calico is in charge (ha — "charge", Magneto, get it? sorry). I lof Darin's earz and Little Bit's floof.

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