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It’s all about the Kitties!!! May 7, 2007

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     I have been thinking about this blog all day and I have decided that this will be a special site at least for now. Here is the thing, I recently had to put my mother in a nursing home due to her health. She has two kitties, Lilac and Little One, that she loves dearly and they love her. They have come to live with me and so they have embarked on a long journey. This page will be all about their adventures, and it will be written from their prospective at least most of the time.

     This has been an incredibly difficult time for my mother, she has had to give up everything she knows, her home, her kitties and all most all her possessions,(There is just so much room in  her place). The most difficult thing for her has been losing the kitties. We have spent a year trying to decide what to do with the girls. Should they stay with my brother and his family in Colorado, with the six cats he has already, where they would be close to Mom and she might see them occasionally. Should they come to California and live with me, and my husband, and our two cats.

     It was a very difficult decision for my Mom, Our house is considerably quieter than my brothers house as we have fewer people in it and fewer cats. I think in the end she based it on what would work out the best for the cats. Where would it be most like what they are already used to.

     It has taken them over a month to really settle in. Well not both of them. It took Lilac about three weeks to decide this was home now. It took Little One six weeks and she is still not really sure if she likes it but in this last week she has really started to make herself at home and feel at least a little bit safer.

     They miss my Mom a lot. The first three or four weeks they were looking for her. They sleep on the bed in the spare room where she slept a few months ago when she came to visit me.  When I am on the phone with my Mom Lilac comes to be near the phone. I think she can hear my Mom.

     So my friends this page is dedicated to my Mom. I hope you will come back from time to time to check out the adventures of Lilac and Little One. 


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1. YGRS - May 9, 2007

Hello Annie!Welcome to Vox! &:o)I'll be looking forward to hearing about Lilac and Little One — Kitties are my most favorite critters!A couple of other people in my Vox neighborhood write their blogs from their critter's perspective. I really do get a kick out of reading them. If you go to MY blog — click on my Neighborhood and it'll show you everyone who's in my neighborhood. If you put your mouse on the person's Avatar (their little picture that represents them) it'll give you the option of going to their blog and/or adding them to your neighborhood. These people in MY neighborhood ALSO write their blog from their critter's perspective, and you could check out their blogs and/or add them to YOUR neighborhood if you wanted to:Indy Bunnylittle miaoLurkertypekrammerteh deejIndy Bunny, of course, is a little fuzzy bunny's blog. ( And she's been posted on BirdChick's blog that's mentioned on CO which deals with Disapproving Rabbits! )little miao's blog is good and she MOSTLY writes about her BEAUTIFUL kittie's experiences both in the states and in China. Sometimes she talks about historical places & events and it's one of the Miao Brothers who's telling the story.Lurkertype's blog is USUALLY written by HER, but every once in awhile, her young kitty TK writes entries ( "Hi Hi it's me TK" ) and TK's stuff is ALWAYS funny. krammer is a handsome tuxie kitty's blog.teh deej is a funny kitty and he is really "adventurous".Funny to think that ANIMALS have blogs and all of us comment right back at them, just like we're talking to another person… &:o)I'm really sorry to hear about what your mother is going through. It must have been heartbreaking for her to have to leave everything behind, ESPECIALLY her dear kittiecatters. I'm sure it is very hard on the entire family, kitties included. It's wonderful though that you and your brother are there to help and to take care of your mother & her needs. I hope everything goes ok for all of you.Please give Lilac and Little One schnorgles and scritchy-scritchys from me (and a huggles!)Have a good rest of your week, Annie.&:o)

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