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Thank you card for operation write home April 14, 2014

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Thank you card for operation write home

I made this card for an operation write home challenge. I love it. It took a couple tries to figure out the glueing part but once i got there it was easy i love the free styling of it, and hope to make some other variations.

Cat Not On A Hot Tin Roof June 17, 2012

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It is too hot to be comftabuhls. i am trying to catch a breeze but it is not working.


Annie Says she doesn’t think hanging your head off the edge of the bed would be cooler.


I say you just gotta try it for your self.

Hope you aren’t having meltingly hot weather like us.

Stay cool.

And Now I Wait June 13, 2012

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i just came in from romping out side and i really want to play with Little one.

she even let me sniff her.


And now i am gonna lay down here and wait for her to finish her bath so I can pounce on her.


she takes LOTS of baths!

Knees Are For Napping June 12, 2012

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The best place to nap is on your favorite human. They are sooo comfortable. It is also a great way to get them to stay in one spot for a while. they are always doing way too much running around.


For extra fun gently tap them with your paw. This is a really good way to get pets and scratches behind the ears.

happy knee napping!

My Morning Bath…by Little One June 11, 2012

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Hi everone. Annie was totally bugging me. i was trying to take my morning bath followed by a sunbeam nap. Sheesh humans and their cameras are so annoying.

And of course she took more photos.





I hope your morning bath is not interrupted by picture takers. Bugging you and cooing over you and telling you you are their fuzzy sweet heart. Sheesh!

Winter Wind, a poem by Little One January 16, 2012

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The icy cold wind
Dances across the yard
Biting under my fur
It chases the last leaves
Clinging like limpets to the trees
Tumbling them across the yard

I chase them
Through the windows
Back and forth across the room
Pretending I am a tiger and
They are my prey.

Bongo’s Lucky Day November 29, 2010

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Hi Everyone… so I have hit the jackpot… yep… I thought I was really lucky when I found Annie and took up residence in her yard and back room… who could argue with two squares a day, a dry room… all the mice, gophers and birds a guy could catch and lots of scratches and pets and cuddles. Well fate has sent me a lucky rainbow.

I have been moved to a new home, in an apartment, with a beautiful girl kitty(her name is Lilleth), a warm and wonderful human, (Annies Daughter) and Ohhh Ohhh it is so wonderful… There is a refrigerator to sit on top of, as often and long as I want. A couch to hide under, and a bed to sleep on… kitty toys…a kitty jungle of plants to play in… and all kinds of boxes, just for kitties to climb in, stacked up like a castle. All the cuddles, scratches, and pets a guy could ask for… and IT IS ALL INDOORS…. no more outside for me.

Check out the new lap I have aquired.

And one more to mess with your heads… Yep, I saw you tilt your head to the side.

See you around the cat house…

Love to all


The visitor September 12, 2010

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Hi my name is Little Miss trouble.

I do not belong to Annie.  I live next door ..my family just moved in  and I LOVE Annie’s yard.

She has bird feeders. and gophers and omg other kitties to pester.

Stop taking pictures and pet me


And Annie always stops what ever she is doing, to pet me and hold me… and she lets me play in the hose water when she is watering the garden…

and did I mention the garden..there are all kinds of flowers and bugs to chase and bushes to hide under and places where a kitty can take a nice nap.

Like  This spot

See you around.

Pounces and purs,

Little Miss Trouble

Testing One Two Three September 7, 2010

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So here I am, trying to find my way around this new blog site, and well darn it .. when I imported my stuff from Vox, everything got scrambled, and now I am going to have to go post by post, to fix them… all because I got all fancy with my Vox posts… anyway if you are just here and looking back at old posts.. just ignore the mess for the month of September 2010.

In the words of my darling Husband (whenever I try something new like food or moving furniture) “It’s new… It’s different… I DON”T LIKE IT!!!!!”

As with any new endeavors, I will learn how to use it and eventually I will like it. But for now…. Arrrrggggahhhh!

and now I am going to insert some pics just to get the hang of it.

Sometimes the grass isn't greener on the other side but we make due!

And well darn I am on my laptop so you have to make due with one of those stock photos

Jamin... Oh we be Jamin tonight!

Can't you hear him talking in a Jaimacan accent!

Okay that is it for the try out.

The good thing about this is that I think I figured out how to fix my other posts .. the bad thing is I think it is still going to take a bit of time to fix them all. Hopefully they aren’t all messed up.

I promise the next post will be from the kitties they have tons to post.

Vox is Moving September 5, 2010

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Dear Friends.. I am so sad that Vox is moving…

I really love the ease of building a blog here.. it is peobably the easiest and nicest of all the places I have tried.

And it is a very nice place with no spam.


The kitties and I want to keep in touch with all our vox friends.. so of course that means that i will need to pick a new site out for Kitty Adventures.. or go the route of actually building a full website, (This means lots of work but I am up to the task.


Please be sure to stop in and let me know where you all are moving to.. iI wold like to maybe move to the same place as everyone else..

 I do have several new posts I want to do but I will have to wait untill I move to the new diggs.



The kitties and Annie



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